17. März 2014

New Talent BAFTA for Judas Goat

Judas Goat gewinnt New Talent BAFTA Award (Beste Kamera)!

Judas Goat won the New Talent BAFTA Award (Best Cinematography)!


We are very proud to announce that Judas Goat won the New Talent BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography (Ansgar Hoeckh) 2014!

Judas Goat is an upcoming UK series, based on the popular role game Vampire: The Masquerade which will be released as a web series in May 2014. Thanks to the possibilities internet offers in publishing today, everything happens very fast at the

moment, so please stay tuned, we look forward to posting updates on the release date very soon! : )

Directed by Pavel Shepan, produced by Seventh Crow it stars Susanne Wuest, Guy Evans, Donald Morrison and Magnus Sinding… we’re excited to prepare the next season right now!

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