11. Juni 2021

„Rausch des Lebens“ ZDF

Susanne dreht derzeit den ZDF Zweiteiler „Rausch des Lebens“ unter der Regie von Sabine Derflinger, mit DĂ©sirĂ©e Nosbusch, Suzanne von Borsody, Rainer Bock…

Susanne ist currently shooting ZDF miniseries „Rausch des Lebens“ directed by Sabine Derflinger, cast incl DĂ©sirĂ©e Nosbusch, Suzanne von Borsody, Rainer Bock…

(mehr …)

7. April 2021

„Gefangen“ auf ARD / 07. April 21

A policeman arrives at an awful car accident, discovering a whole family dying. Hours later he’ll leave that place shaken to his core. He can’t let go of what he’s seen as it follows him more and more, becoming a part of his life, and he decides to do the unthinkable: move into the deceased family’s house. (mehr …)

12. Januar 2021

Soko Stuttgart „Der Tote Graf“ auf ZDF / 14. Jan 21

Am 14.01.2020 zeigt das ZDF in Erstausstrahlung die Soko Suttgart Folge „Der Tote Graf“.

In einem Park wird der wohlhabende Vermögensberater Karsten Jacobsen erschossen aufgefunden. Das Kuriose: Er ist nur mit einer Unterhose bekleidet. Der Fall wird noch sonderbarer, als Jan Arnaud herausbekommt, dass Jacobsen mit einer Kugel aus dem 19. Jahrhundert getötet wurde. Bald erfahren die Ermittler: Jacobsen war Mitglied in einem privaten Klub, in dem der französischen Salon-Kultur des 19. Jahrhunderts in originalgetreuen KostĂŒmen gehuldigt wird…

Cast: Martina Seiffert, Peter Ketnath, Nina Siewert, Susanne Wuest, Jens Atzorn, uva… Regie: Franziska Hoenisch

5. November 2020


Susanne dreht derzeit den Kinospielfilm „Iris“ unter der Regie von Natalia Sinelnikova, ua mit Knut Berger, Jörg SchĂŒttauf und Iona Iacob.

Filming begins for „Iris“, a feature by Natalia Sinelnikova. Cast includes Knut Berger, Jörg SchĂŒttauf and Iona Iacob. (mehr …)

24. Juni 2020

Dear Darkness

Susanne just wrapped „Dear Darkness“ in Vienna. Filmed on 16mm and directed by acclaimed artist/filmmaker Antoinette Zwirchmayer, the story centers around three women who meet again after 20 years. None of them being, what they pretend to be.

Cast: Susanne Wuest, Veronika Glatzner, Teresa Rotschopf, Hubsi Kramar (mehr …)

16. Juni 2020

Generation Beziehungs-unfÀhig

Derzeit werden in Köln die Dreharbeiten zu dem Kinofilm ‚Generation BeziehungsunfĂ€hig‘ weitergefĂŒhrt! Der Film basiert auf dem Bestseller von Michael Nast.

Unter der Regie von Helena Hufnagel spielen Luise Heyer, Frederick Lau, Kida Ramada, Susanne Wuest uvm… Produktion: Pantaleon Films / Warner Bros, Casting: Lisa Stutzky


Filming continues for ‚Generation BeziehungsunfĂ€hig‘, a feature based on the bestselling novel by Michael Nast.

Directed by Helena Hufnagel, cast: Luise Heyer, Frederick Lau, Kida Ramadan, Susanne Wuest and many more… Production: Pantaleon Films / Warner Bros, Casting: Lisa Stutzky



2. Februar 2020

Der Pass / S2

Susanne is currently filming for „Der Pass“ (S2), directed by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert.

The critically acclaimed show stars Julia Jentsch, Nicholas Ofczarek and is produced by Wiedemann&Berg. (mehr …)

19. Januar 2020


…will be released in Germany/Austria/Switzerland March 5th! The NBCUniversal produced sci-fi show will be available on the SYFY channel via SKY.

Set in modern-day Berlin, SPIDES  follows Nora (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Game of Thrones), a young woman who wakes from a coma without any memory of her previous life after taking a mysterious drug; local police detective David Leonhart (Falk Hentschel, Legends of Tomorrow, Marvels Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and his partner Nique Navar (Florence Kasumba, Avengers, Black Panther) – are hunting down that drug in relation to dozens of missing teens. (mehr …)

8. Januar 2020

18% Grey – Release

Happy New Year!! 2020 starts with the release of „18% Grey“!

The Bulgarian/German arthouse feature directed by Viktor Chouchkov will celebrate it’s premiere in Sofia January 21st and will be released in theaters Jan 24th!  (mehr …)

13. September 2019

Vienna Awards 2019

Susanne is extremely proud to be this year’s face of the VIENNA AWARDS, photographed by renowned Inge Prader. In it’s 10th year, it’s motto „Fight Gray“ stands for fighting racism and discrimination. Not standing up against it and ’showing color‘ equals complicity. Artists who have been won for previous years include Emma Heming-Willis and Jerry Hall.

The gala will take place 6/11/19 in Vienna, Austria.  www.viennaawards.at

9. September 2019


Susanne is currently filming German feature „Gefangen“ (directed by Elke Hauck) in Belgrade. (mehr …)

4. August 2019

Deadline – Stanleyville

EXCLUSIVE: Actor Maxwell McCabe-Lokos (Lars and the Real Girl, Lionsgate’s upcoming Chaos Walking) will make his directorial debut with the forthcoming dark comedy Stanleyville. The pic unveiled its cast that includes Susanne Wuest(Goodnight Mommy, Perfume), Cara Ricketts (Twelfth Night, The Book of Negroes), Julian Richings (Supernatural, Man of Steel), Christian Serritiello (Catalina, Homeland), George Tchortov (Designated Survivor, Goon: Last of the Enforcers) and Adam Brown (The Hobbit trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales). The film is currently in production, shooting in Canada. Full Article here:

„Stanleyville“ Sets Cast


4. August 2019

Stanleyville /in production

Susanne is currently filming Canadian feature „Stanleyville“ in Toronto. (mehr …)

5. Februar 2019

Ötzi is traveling to the US!

„Iceman“ will be released in selected US theaters March 15th! (mehr …)

16. Dezember 2018

Merry Christmas…

Wishing all of you a peaceful Christmas time and a very happy, fulfilling new year 2019! (mehr …)

16. Dezember 2018

Perfume – on Netflix 12/21

„Perfume“ will premiere on Netflix December 21st worldwide! Enjoy!!

27. November 2018


London – November 27, 2018 – NBCUniversal International Networks (NBCUIN) today announced the acquisition of SPIDES – a new, alien invasion thriller to air on SYFY – the destination channel brand for fans of science fiction and fantasy genres – around the world.

SPIDES stars Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Game of Thrones), Falk Hentschel (Legends Of Tomorrow, Marvels Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Florence Kasumba (Avengers, Black Panther), DĂ©sirĂ©e Nosbusch (Bad Banks), Susanne Wuest (Perfume) and Aleksandar Jovanovic (Tatort, Dr Who). (mehr …)

13. November 2018

Cover Nieder- österreicherin

Thank you so much for this beautiful cover and interview, Niederösterreicherin !

13. November 2018

Release „Parfum“

Die Serie „Parfum“ wird ab 14.11. auf ZDFneo Premiere haben und zu streamen sein!

„Perfume“ will be released Nov 11th on ZDFneo! It’ll be released via Netflix worldwide later this year. (mehr …)

23. Oktober 2018

LORE is online now!

Watch LORE on AmazonPrime now (specially episode 3 „Hinterkaifeck“ :-) (mehr …)

22. September 2018

LORE’s got a trailer!

Amazon Prime’s LORE just got a trailer and it looks absolutely fantastic! The show will go online October 19th! We wish you a very scary night! Please follow the link to the trailer here…

(Directed by Christoph Schrewe, Susanne stars in Episode 3, alongside JĂŒrgen Prochnow and Thomas Kretschmann – enjoy!)

15. September 2018

4SEE Magazine – out now!

Thank you for this gorgeous new cover, 4SEE Magazine!


15. September 2018

Der Tod und das MĂ€dchen – Van Leeuwens 3.Fall

Am Montag dem 17. September hat „Der Tod und das MĂ€dchen – van Leeuwens dritter Fall“ ZDF Premiere (20:15).

Regie: Hans Steinbichler. Ensemble: Peter Haber, Marcel Hansema, Laura de Boer, Katharina Lorenz, Susanne Wuest, Bruno Cathomas, Barbara Auer, Jörg SchĂŒttauf, uvm.

Weitere Infos auf ZDF hier… 

12. September 2018

„Sunset“ is Hungary’s Oscar entry!

„NapszĂĄllta“ („Sunset“) is Hungary’s Oscar entry!

Ungarn schickt „Sunset“ ins Rennen um den Auslandsoscar!

(mehr …)

11. September 2018

FIPRESCI Prize for „Sunset“

„NapszĂĄllta“ (Sunset) wins the prestigious FIPRESCI prize at the 75th Int Venice Filmfestival!



17. August 2018

Trailer for SUNSET

… and here comes a first, gorgeous trailer for Sunset (by Laszlo Nemes)!

Sunset will premiere in competition of the 75th Venice Int Filmfestival

2. August 2018

Interview by Jason Palmer, Entertainment Focus

Susanne Wuest has been a name you can trust for quite some time now. The popular actress has had an eclectic career, including some fantastic genre work in the horror/thriller Goodnight Mommy and The Cure for Wellness.

We chatted to Susanne about all things Iceman, the legacy of the true-life story surrounding the film and her career to date. [… read full interview here]

26. Juli 2018

Sunset (NapszĂĄllta) to premiere in Venice!

„Sunset“ (NapszĂĄllta) by LĂĄszlĂł Nemes will premiere in competition of the 75h Venice Film Festival!

„Sunset“ (NapszĂĄllta), Regie: LĂĄszlĂł Nemes, wird im Wettbewerb von Venedig Premiere feiern! (mehr …)

4. Juni 2018

Ötzi goes UK!

„Iceman“ will open in the UK July 27th!

Directed by Felix Randau, the story about „Ötzi“ stars JĂŒrgen Vogel, Andre Hennicke, Susanne Wuest, Sabin Tambrea and Franco Nero.
(mehr …)

4. Juni 2018


Susanne is excited to join Amazon’s LORE for Season 2!

Susanne is set for a role on the upcoming second season of Amazon’s horror anthology series Lore, directed by Christoph Schrewe. Read full article here…

5. Mai 2018

Filming begins for „18% Gray“

Susanne is currently filming „18% Gray“ directed by Viktor Chouchkov.

Susanne dreht derzeit „18% Gray“ (Regie: Viktor Chouchkov). (mehr …)

20. Februar 2018

„Perfume“ (WT) coming to Netflix..!

„Parfum“ (AT, Regie: Philipp Kadelbach) wird ab Herbst 2018 auf ZDFneo und Netflix zu sehen sein!

We’re excited to announce the fall 2018 release of new Netflix show „Perfume“ (WT, directed by Philipp Kadelbach) ! (mehr …)

18. Januar 2018

Grimme Preis Nominierung fĂŒr Tatort „Stau“ …!

Tatort „Stau“ ist fĂŒr den Grimme Preis 2018 nominiert!

Tatort „Stau“ is nominated for the prestigious Grimme Award! (mehr …)

7. Januar 2018

♄ ! „Schaufenster“ – diePresse

Thank you, for this beautiful editorial!

Interview by Daniel Kalt, photography by Yannick SchĂŒtte, Styling by Simon WinkelmĂŒller… click here for the whole publication …

5. Januar 2018

Deutscher Kinostart „Licht“ am 01.02.2018

„Licht“ kommt am 01.02.2018 in die Deutschen Kinos! Das Drama (Regie Barbara Albert) erzĂ€hlt die Geschichte des musikalischen Wunderkinds Maria Theresia von Paradis (Maria Dragus) die durch den Arzt Anton Mesmer (Devid Striesow) 1777 in Wien fĂŒr kurze Zeit ihre Blindheit verliert.

Trailer auf Kino.de hier

„Mademoiselle Paradis“ (directed by Barbara Albert) will open in German cinemas February 1st.

4. Dezember 2017

Fashion Awards 2017

Thank you so much for this truly magical night, Swarovski and the British Fashion Council. Special thanks to Iris van Herpen for this incredible gown…

23. November 2017

Deutschland Premiere „Der Mann aus dem Eis“ / „Iceman“

Premiere fĂŒr den „Mann aus dem Eis“ in MĂŒnchen und Berlin!!

We celebrated „Iceman“s premiere in Munich and Berlin!!

29. Oktober 2017

Kinostart „Der Mann aus dem Eis“

„Der Mann aus dem Eis“ kommt am 30.11.2017 in die D Kinos! (ab 7.12 in Ö!)

„Iceman“ will be released in Germany Nov 30th 2017! (mehr …)

9. Oktober 2017

„Der Mann aus dem Eis“ und „Licht“ beim Hamburger Filmfest

Das Hamburger Filmfest zeigt sowohl „Der Mann aus dem Eis“ als auch „Licht“.

Programm auf der Webseite des Festivals http://www.filmfesthamburg.de/de/

15. September 2017

Mademoiselle Paradis in competition of San Sebastian

„Licht“ wird im Wettbewerb des 65. Film Festival von San Sebastian seine Europapremiere feiern!

„Madempoiselle Paradis“ will celebrate it’s European premiere in competition of the 65th FF of San Sebastian!