13. August 2012

Premiere ‚The Secret Society of Fine Arts‘

Der Dänische Arthousefilm ‚The Secret Society of Fine Arts‘ (Regie Anders R. Klarlund / Prod Zentropa) wird am 28.08.12 in Kopenhagen Premiere haben.

Danish arthouse picture ‚The Secret Society of Fine Arts‘ (dir by Anders R. Klarlund / prod by Zentropa) will have it’s premiere 28th of August in Copenhagen.

THE SECRET SOCIETY OF FINE ARTS is a story about extreme art and dangerous love. It’s a feature length visual experience, very new in its style of storytelling. In the beginning of the story the tusk from the mammoth and the skeleton from a whale are found in a grotesque mix of bricks and destruction. A zoological museum has been blow up. Images of the bisected building with all the scattered remains of stuffed animals is broadcasted around the world along with the statement send out by the underground group of artists, who claims responsibility: This is not entertainment. It is not a political statement. It is not even news …This is art! (TrustNordisk)

Cast: Jana Klinge, Christian Blümel, Susanne Wuest, Daniel Zillmann…

Making of / Postproduction Visual Effects

The Secret Society of Fine Arts from celluloidvfx on Vimeo.