„Parfum“ by Philipp Kadelbach / Netflix

„Der Tod und das Mädchen“ ZDF/ARTE 2017

Tatort „Stau“, ARD 2017

Reel 2017 – English subtitles

Goodnight Mommy / Ich seh Ich seh

„If Leonardo DiCaprio is winning plaudits for the endurance test that was shooting The Revenant, then someone at the Academy
should probably take note of Wuest’s experience on set.“
(The Evening Standard, UK)

„It has cult potential stamped all over it […] it’s the three terrific central performances that are crucial to Goodnight Mommy’s effectiveness“ hollywoodreporter.com

„Excellent performances by Susanne Wuest and two boys give this movie the authenticity that makes it standout as a unique and disturbing horror narrative.“ digitaljournal.com

„Ein paar Minuten mit Susanne Wuest im Wald zählen zu den für mich größten Momenten, an die ich mich im Kino überhaupt erinnern

„The few minutes with Susanne Wuest in a forest are among the grandest moments in cinema I can ever remember.“ cargo-film.de

Soko Kitzbühel

Regie / dir by Mike Zens – beofilm,

Das Geheimnis…/The Secret…

directed by / Regie Roland Suso Richter,
prod by Bavaria / Degeto ARD, 2016

Interview – The Shaman (English)

directed by Marco Kalantari, 2015 (Tribeca)

Susanne Wuest


by Götz Spielmann, Lotus Film


Susanne Wuest

La Lisière

by Géraldine Bajard, 23/5 Filmproduktion & Cinéma Defacto