8. Januar 2020

18% Grey – Release

Happy New Year!! 2020 starts with the release of „18% Grey“!

The Bulgarian/German arthouse feature directed by Viktor Chouchkov will celebrate it’s premiere in Sofia January 21st and will be released in theaters Jan 24th!  (mehr …)

17. August 2018

Trailer for SUNSET

… and here comes a first, gorgeous trailer for Sunset (by Laszlo Nemes)!

Sunset will premiere in competition of the 75th Venice Int Filmfestival

2. August 2018

Interview by Jason Palmer, Entertainment Focus

Susanne Wuest has been a name you can trust for quite some time now. The popular actress has had an eclectic career, including some fantastic genre work in the horror/thriller Goodnight Mommy and The Cure for Wellness.

We chatted to Susanne about all things Iceman, the legacy of the true-life story surrounding the film and her career to date. [… read full interview here]

5. Mai 2018

Filming begins for „18% Gray“

Susanne is currently filming „18% Gray“ directed by Viktor Chouchkov.

Susanne dreht derzeit „18% Gray“ (Regie: Viktor Chouchkov). (mehr …)

5. Januar 2018

Deutscher Kinostart „Licht“ am 01.02.2018

„Mademoiselle Paradis“ (directed by Barbara Albert) will open in German cinemas February 1st.

„Licht“ kommt am 01.02.2018 in die Deutschen Kinos! Das Drama (Regie Barbara Albert) erzählt die Geschichte des musikalischen Wunderkinds Maria Theresia von Paradis (Maria Dragus) die durch den Arzt Anton Mesmer (Devid Striesow) 1777 in Wien für kurze Zeit ihre Blindheit verliert.

Trailer auf Kino.de hier

30. September 2016

„Elisa“ flies to Reykjavik!!

„Elisa“, ein wunderschöner, unter der Regie von Kristina Shtubert entstandener, Kurzfilm wird seine Premiere am 4. Oktober in Reykjavik haben!!

Jeden Morgen entdeckt Elisas Mutter (Susanne Wuest) schlimme Kratzwunden an den Armen ihrer Tochter Elisa (Anastasia Triller). Aber alle erzieherischen Maßnahmen helfen nichts, Elisa behauptet, das wäre nicht sie gewesen…


„Elisa“, the beautiful short, directed by Kristina Shtubert will premiere at the the Reykjavik Int FF!!
Every night, nine year old Elisa (Anastasia Triller) scratches hersalf raw, driving her controlling and perfectionist mother (Susanne Wuest) insane. But Elisa claims it’s not her who’s causing these painful injuries…

26. Februar 2016

Double Your Dosage – Skype Interview / Goodnight Mommy

Let me begin by saying that I killed myself to make sure this video is spoiler free. You deserve to enjoy Goodnight Mommy’s suspense in its purest form. Because it is SO GOOD. It’s hands down one of the best horror movies I’ve seen this year.

I talked to actress Susanne Wuest over Skype about the psycho-sexual relationship between mother and son, filming in an abandoned Austrian village and playing one weird mommy

by Alexondra Soraya