12. September 2016

THR – Ötzi, The Iceman

The 5,300-year-old mummy has been the source of scientific speculation since his discovery in the Austrian Alps 25 years ago. The death, likely murder, of Otzi the Iceman more than 5,000 years ago is being adapted for the screen… (article here… by Scott Roxborough)

12. September 2016

Iceman (WT)

Susanne dreht derzeit unter der Regie von Felix Randau das Kinodrama ‚Iceman‘ (AT).

Susanne is currently shooting „Iceman“ (WT), a feature drama directed by Felix Randau. (mehr …)

30. März 2016

Sendetermin ‚Soko Kitzbühel‘ – Amour Fou!

Am 12. April (ORF) /15. (ZDF) wird „Amour Fou“ die 200ste Folge Soko Kitzbühel ausgestrahlt!

April 12th (ORF) / 15th (ZDF) „Amour Fou“ will air, the 200st episode of crime series Soko Kitzbuhel! (mehr …)