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19. Juli 2017

Iceman will have it’s world premiere at the 70th Locarno Int Film Festival!

Iceman (Der Mann aus dem Eis) will celebrate it’s world premiere at the 70th Locarno Film Festival August 8th!!
(mehr …)

19. Februar 2017

Coming out 2017 : )

Der Mann aus dem Eis /Iceman (Felix Randau)
Licht /Mademoiselle Paradis (Barbara Albert)
Zahltag (Hans Steinbichler)
Auf der anderen Seite… (Pepe Danquart)
Tatort Stau (Dietrich  Brüggemann)
Mein Bruder Robert (Philipp Groening)
A Cure For Wellness (Gore Verbinski)

5. Dezember 2016

Tatort – Stillstand

Susanne dreht derzeit unter der Regie von Dietrich Brüggemann den Tatort „Stillstand“

Susanne is currently shooting „Stillstand“, directed by Dietrich Brüggemann. (mehr …)

21. Oktober 2016

A Cure For Wellness gets a trailer…!

A first trailer for „A Cure For Wellness“ is out!

„A Cure For Wellness“ (directed by Gore Verbinksi, starring Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth and Jason Isaacs) is out and it look amazing! Filmstart is 23.02.2017 – enjoy!

Trailer A CURE FOR WELLNESS via firstshowing.net

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21. Oktober 2016

It’s a wrap! – for ICEMAN

„Der Mann aus dem Eis“ ist abgedreht!!

It’s a wrap for „Iceman“!! (mehr …)

30. September 2016

Gletschermann kommt ins Kino – Süddeutsche Zeitung

Wie bereitet man sich bitte auf die Rolle eines Steinzeitmenschen vor, der vor mehr als 5000 Jahren durch die Alpen zog? Und hat diese Rolle überhaupt Text? Fragen, die den deutschen Schauspieler Jürgen Vogel beschäftigen müssen…

Artikel hier… ! – Süddeutsche.de


30. September 2016

„Elisa“ flies to Reykjavik!!

„Elisa“, ein wunderschöner, unter der Regie von Kristina Shtubert entstandener, Kurzfilm wird seine Premiere am 4. Oktober in Reykjavik haben!!

Jeden Morgen entdeckt Elisas Mutter (Susanne Wuest) schlimme Kratzwunden an den Armen ihrer Tochter Elisa (Anastasia Triller). Aber alle erzieherischen Maßnahmen helfen nichts, Elisa behauptet, das wäre nicht sie gewesen…


„Elisa“, the beautiful short, directed by Kristina Shtubert will premiere at the the Reykjavik Int FF!!
Every night, nine year old Elisa (Anastasia Triller) scratches hersalf raw, driving her controlling and perfectionist mother (Susanne Wuest) insane. But Elisa claims it’s not her who’s causing these painful injuries…

12. September 2016

THR – Ötzi, The Iceman

The 5,300-year-old mummy has been the source of scientific speculation since his discovery in the Austrian Alps 25 years ago. The death, likely murder, of Otzi the Iceman more than 5,000 years ago is being adapted for the screen… (article here… by Scott Roxborough)

12. September 2016

Iceman (WT)

Susanne dreht derzeit unter der Regie von Felix Randau das Kinodrama ‚Iceman‘ (AT).

Susanne is currently shooting „Iceman“ (WT), a feature drama directed by Felix Randau. (mehr …)

28. Juli 2016

Drehbeginn Zahltag

Susanne dreht derzeit unter der Regie von Hans Steinbichler das TV Drama „Zahltag“.

Susanne is currently filming „Zahltag“ a TV drama directed by Hans Steinbichler. (mehr …)

10. Juli 2016

It’s a wrap!!

„Auf der anderen Seite ist das Gras viel Grüner“ (Regie: Pepe Danquart) und „Das Sacher“ (Regie: Robert Dornhelm) sind abgedreht!!

It’s a wrap for „Gras is greener on the other Side“ (directed by Pepe Danquart) and „Hotel Sacher“ (directed by Robert Dornhelm“) !!

5. Juni 2016

Auf der anderen Seite ist das Gras viel Grüner

Susanne dreht derzeit unter der Regie von Pepe Danquart die Kinokomödie ‚Auf der anderen Seite ist das Gras viel Grüner‘.

Susanne is currently filming the feature comedy ‚Gras is Greener on the other Side‘, directed by Pepe Danquart. (mehr …)

24. April 2016

Drehbeginn LICHT

Susanne dreht derzeit den Kinofilm LICHT unter der Regie von Barbara Albert

Susanne is currently filming LICHT, a feature directed by Barbara Albert (mehr …)

9. April 2016

Thank you, Empire Magazine!

In Goodnight Mommy, Austrian actress Susanne Wuest goes through the wringer. After a divorce and an unspecified accident, the never-named ‘Mommy’ returns to her idyllic family lodge and her two young boys covered in bandages and seemingly different. What happens next would make even the most dysfunctional family unit take pause. We spoke to her about her makeup rigmarole, befriending child actors – and a cockroachnamed Matilda. (… full interview here… by John Nugent)

30. März 2016

Sendetermin ‚Soko Kitzbühel‘ – Amour Fou!

Am 12. April (ORF) /15. (ZDF) wird „Amour Fou“ die 200ste Folge Soko Kitzbühel ausgestrahlt!

April 12th (ORF) / 15th (ZDF) „Amour Fou“ will air, the 200st episode of crime series Soko Kitzbuhel! (mehr …)

23. März 2016

Sendetermin „Das Geheimnis der Hebamme“

Am 25.03. (Karfreitag) wird um 20:15 auf ARD der große Kostümfilm ‚Das Geheimnis der Hebamme‘ ausgestrahlt!

„Das Geheimnis der Hebamme“ will air Friday, March 25th, ARD, 20:15 (mehr …)

28. Februar 2016

Thank you, Evening Standard…!

A creepy independent Austrian movie is not usually the sort of thing picked up by the Weinstein Company but since its US release in September last year Goodnight Mommy has fast developed a cult following and took over $1 million in America despite a limited release and being subtitled… Rachael Sigee meets its star and inspiration…

(Interview by Rachael Sigee, photo by Matt Writtle)

26. Februar 2016

Double Your Dosage – Skype Interview / Goodnight Mommy

Let me begin by saying that I killed myself to make sure this video is spoiler free. You deserve to enjoy Goodnight Mommy’s suspense in its purest form. Because it is SO GOOD. It’s hands down one of the best horror movies I’ve seen this year.

I talked to actress Susanne Wuest over Skype about the psycho-sexual relationship between mother and son, filming in an abandoned Austrian village and playing one weird mommy

by Alexondra Soraya

13. Februar 2016

Danke, Stylebook… ♥

Die Österreicherin Susanne Wuest (36) gehört aktuell zu den interessantesten Darstellerinnen im deutschsprachigen Raum – und das liegt nicht nur an ihrem außergewöhnlichen Look. Seit dem gefeierten Horrorstreifen „Ich seh, Ich seh“, kennt man auch international ihren Namen, Labels wie Burberry oder Erdem reißen sich um sie. STYLEBOOK.de stellt die Schauspielerin vor (… weiter zum ganzen Artikel!)

10. Februar 2016

Out now: German Interview Magazine #marchissue

Talking to brilliant designer Erdem about life and all there is…

stunning photos by Sharif Hamza…

1. Februar 2016

Supercool Shortfilm – The Huntingtans

Designer Kilian Kerner hat ein großartiges Ensemble zusammen gestellt (Alice Dwyer, Federick Lau, Susanne Wuest, Jella Haase, Tillman Pörzgen, Kida Ramadan) um die Geschichte der schwerreichen Familie Huntingtan zu erzählen!

Regie bei dem Film, der gerade während der Berliner Fashionweek auf Grazia.de seine Premiere hatte, führte Sergej Moya!

Viel Spaß mit THE HUNTINGTANS (Vimeo)

24. Januar 2016

The Shaman Interview – Video

Susanne speaks about her work on The Shaman!

Full interview on Vimeo.com

20. Januar 2016

Best Actress Nomination by Fangoria!

Never mind Oscar, here’s the 2016 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards Nominees …!
(…) Once again this year, Best Actress was the hardest category to narrow down; we could have
easily selected five more names beyond those who made the final cut….

– Thank you so much FANGORIA, that’s really amazing – and so cool!

Here is the full list of the 2016 Nominees!

20. Januar 2016

Goodnight Mommy goes UK!

Goodnight Mommy will open in the UK March 4th…

(mehr …)

9. Januar 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!

Happy New Year 2016!!

Ein Frohes, Neues Jahr 2016!! (mehr …)

3. Dezember 2015

Goodnight Mommy becomes a Satellite Awards Nominee

Goodnight Mommy is nominated for the prestigious Satellite Award / Best Motion Picture, Int Film

The presentation of the 20th Annual Satellite Awards will take place Feb 21st in Los Angeles

It’s also named one of the Top 5 Foreign Films with the National Board of Review!

7. November 2015

Goodnight Mommy – USA

The film, which was acquired by Radius’ former co-chief Tom Quinn at the 2014 Venice Film Festival for a low-six figures, cleared the $1M mark yesterday after a seven-weekend run, becoming the eighth foreign-language title to do so this year. The Academy, despite its scattered history with horror fare, is taking Goodnight Mommy seriously too… (read full article on deadline.com here)

10. September 2015

GQ, by Clay Skipper

Meet the Woman Who Makes the Scariest Movie We’ve seen in Years and watch an exclusive clip of her performance as the titular Mommy of Goodnight Mommy…!
photo by Bert Spangemacher

10. September 2015

on location with… beautiful DuJour Magazine

The Goodnight Mommy actress on filming in a remote village, cockroaches and the most intense experience she’s ever had…

This year’s Academy Awards entry from Austria follows the terrifying story of twin brothers who suspect their mother isn’t who she says she is after returning home from a cosmetic surgery. Perhaps the only thing more chilling than the sinister plotline and unexpected violent twists is the setting in which the film, which hits theaters September 11, takes place…. read the full article here

10. September 2015

…in Vienna – with VOGUE.de

Susanne Wuest spaziert mit VOGUE durch Wien und zeigt uns ihre Lieblingsplätze…
Photos by Julia Malysch

5. September 2015

It’s a Wrap! by Mekado Murphy, NY Times

A great way to shroud a character in mystery is also a bit obvious: bandages. Films have been wrapping up their wounded, dazed and invisible for decades, creating memorable images and raising questions about each character who bears the bandage cloth….. Read the full article by Mekado Murphy on nytimes.com

2. September 2015

Goodnight Mommy Submitted for Best Foreign Language Academy Award

„Goodnight Mommy“ is submitted for Best Foreign Language Academy Award 2016!

„Ich seh Ich seh“ ist Österreichs Oscar Kandidat 2016! (mehr …)

3. August 2015

Goodnight Mommy in Brazil!

Goodnight Mommy was just released in Brazil – so, an afetuoso Olá! to all the cinema lovers in beautiful Brazil! xx!!

Find a review here – VIP BLOG (thanks so much, Diego Santos, for sending it!)

3. August 2015

US Trailer for Goodnight Mommy

The US Trailer for Goodnight Mommy is online! Check it out!! –  Trailer Goodnight Mommy 

30. Juli 2015

The Shaman

THE SHAMAN will be screened in competition of the Hollyshorts Festival 2015, August 13 – 23, LA
Sunday, 16th August, 7:30 pm at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood

It’s trailer has reached 3Mio Views+ on youtube by now!

16. Juli 2015

Elle Germany

…thanks a million!

15. Juli 2015

Goodnight Mommy

„Goodnight Mommy“ will have it’s US release September 11th

„Ich seh Ich seh“

wird am 11. September

in die amerikanischen Kinos kommen… (mehr …)