4. Juni 2018

√Ėtzi goes UK!

„Iceman“ will open in the UK July 27th!

Directed by Felix Randau, the story about „√Ėtzi“ stars J√ľrgen Vogel, Andre Hennicke, Susanne Wuest, Sabin Tambrea and Franco Nero.

30. Juli 2017

First ICEMAN Trailer..!

E voila! Here’s the first trailer for¬†ICEMAN / Der Mann aus dem Eis ¬†via Screen Daily! Enjoy : ) !!



19. Juli 2017

Iceman will have it’s world premiere at the 70th Locarno Int Film Festival!

Iceman (Der Mann aus dem Eis) will celebrate it’s world premiere¬†at the 70th Locarno Film Festival¬†August 8th!!